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Faster Information

We get information much faster, which is increadibly valuable for our operations. Floodtags helps us deliver our formula to an effective response.

May Layugan

Operation Centre Manager - the Philippine Red Cross


Great insight in the effects of nature-based solutions. The FloodTags data provides great insights in the effects of nature-based solutions, such as for Mangroves in Indonesia

Zach Ferdana

Lead Coastal Resilience Manager - The Nature Conservancy

User Feedback

End users feedback into the system. The end users can take ownership for the tool and shape its ongoing development to ensure it maintains context specificity in a changing environment.

Brigitte Rudram

Red Cross Climate Centre


Our clients get value-for-money. FloodTags helps us deliver better information to our Clients. The combination of our hydrodynamic data with FloodTags, is powerful.

Nadine Slootjes

Manager - Operational Water Management Department at Deltares

See the street

We see what is happening in the street. Just by looking at it from our desk, we can see the level of damage, the water levels, people that call out for help harvested from the different media.

Renatus Mkaruka

Director - Tanzania Red Cross Society

Real-time Flood Maps

We use FloodTags’ data to validate our real-time floodmaps. For our R&D to floodmaps, we explore how we can combine from-the-ground media with remote-sensed satellite data.

Sang-Ho Yun

Principal Investigator - NASA